• Lucy Watt counsellor in Dalston E8, Hackney, East and North London. Providing general counselling and specialist bereavement counselling.
  • Welcome

    I am a qualified, registered and experienced counsellor, offering weekly one-to-one counselling for individual adults on a long, medium or short-term basis, in Dalston, Hackney, East London.

    You might be looking for a counsellor because of a specific issue or a general sense of something not being quite right. I provide an accepting, supportive and safe space for you to explore experiences, thoughts, feelings and memories that may be getting in the way of you feeling grounded, at ease with yourself and others, or fully alive.

    If you are interested in exploring what it might be like to work with me as your counsellor, please do get in touch by messaging me through the contact box below or calling me on the number provided. We can arrange an initial session to get to know each other and find out whether the support I offer would be useful to you.

  • My approach

    I am a humanistic counsellor. I am predominantly Person-Centred in my approach, although I have also trained in Gestalt and Transactional Analysis counselling and integrate elements of these approaches in my work.


    This means I believe we all have a tendency to move towards what we need in life, so long as the conditions (including care and love) around us are, and have been, supportive and accepting of our needs. Many of us learn, sometimes very early on in life, that some of our real needs and feelings are not acceptable to others, and therefore we find it difficult to accept them ourselves. This can result in anxiety, depression, shame, emotional numbness, self-hatred and other forms of distress, as we adapt ourselves and ignore our true needs.


    In a healing, therapeutic relationship with an empathic counsellor, we can experience these needs and feelings as being truly accepted and prized by another human being, and therefore we become able to better accept them in ourselves. When we accept our needs (for example, for love, respect, rest, excitement, relationships, expression of anger, release of tears, etc.), we become better able to meet them and to lead a more authentic and fulfilling life.


    If you come to counselling with me, you will be setting the pace of the work. We will work with whatever you want to bring and at whatever pace and depth you choose. I will facilitate the work, but I will not act as an expert pretending that I know best. You are the expert in your own experience and I will support you, by being fully present and attuned to your process, to feel more able to trust yourself.

    The relationship and connection with your counsellor is key to this process, therefore, I work to create a space where you feel you can trust me to support you when you may be feeling at your most vulnerable or distressed.

  • About me

    I am a registered member of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and abide by their ethical framework.


    My counselling training lasted for five years and I hold a BSc in Reflective Therapeutic Practice (1st class) with a Diploma in Humanistic Counselling from Metanoia Institute, Ealing, London (BSc awarded by Middlesex University), which is a BACP accredited training course. I also hold a Certificate in Integrative Humanistic Counselling from CPPD Counselling School, Hornsey, London and an Introduction to Counselling Skills from Birkbeck, University of London.


    I have received specialist training and supervision in bereavement counselling at St Joseph’s Hospice, Hackney, London, where I have practised as a bereavement counsellor.


    I attend regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops to keep my skills and knowledge up-to-date.


    I have also previously seen clients at the Metanoia Counselling and Psychotherapy Service (MCPS) in Ealing, London.


    I am a member of Metanoia Institute; the Association of Humanistic Psychology and the International Association of Relational Transactional Analysis.


    I meet regularly with a clinical supervisor to review and support my work.

  • Experience

    I have experience of working with clients from a range of ages, sexualities, backgrounds and cultures and have been moved and privileged to be part of each of their journeys, through the tears, the laughter, the setbacks and the (often life changing) personal growth.

    I have worked with clients who have experienced the following issues:

    • abuse; 
    • anxiety and panic; 
    • bereavement and grief; 
    • bullying;  
    • childhood trauma; 
    • cultural identity; 
    • depression and low mood; 
    • difficulty relating to others; 
    • emotional impact of physical health conditions; 
    • family disputes 
    • gender or relationship identity and diversity;
    • guilt; 
    • lack of direction; 
    • lack of feelings; 
    • loneliness; 
    • loss (in its many manifestations); 
    • low energy; 
    • low self-esteem; 
    • obsessive compulsive disorder; 
    • performance anxiety; 
    • relationship challenges and breakdown; 
    • self-hatred; 
    • sense of something not being right; 
    • sex and intimacy; 
    • sexual orientation (including lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer issues and coming out); 
    • shame; 
    • social anxiety; 
    • stress and burnout; 
    • workplace conflict.

  • Specialisms

    I have specialist training in, and particular experience of, providing bereavement counselling, although my practice is by no means limited to this. Loss, in its many forms, can be core to much of what we bring to and explore in therapy. Present day losses of any kind (e.g. of a relationship, status, health, functioning, achievement, aspirations, lifestyle, routine) might trigger depression and loneliness and, in some cases, memories of past losses that exploration in therapy can help you to process.

    My non-judgemental approach has been particularly supportive to clients struggling with self-esteem, those who have internalised critical messages from others in their lives, and also people who are battling with shame related to events from their present or past. Through experiencing full acceptance from a therapist, many clients start to believe that they are fundamentally "okay".


    My counselling is LGBTQ+ / GSRD affirmative, which means I fully accept your sexual and gender identity, whatever it may be, and do not view these fundamental parts of you as things that need treating or changing.

  • Fees and Sessions

    I am currently full - but please email me if you would like to be added to my waiting list and I can let you know when a place comes up.


    I can also suggest other counsellors in the area. If you are looking for bereavement counselling and live in Hackney, you might want to try the free bereavement counselling service offered by St Joseph's Hospice. The Centre for Better Health also offers a low-cost general counselling service.


    I charge £50 - £60 per 50 minute session, depending on your income and financial situation. Please contact me for details of my sliding scale.


    If your organisation or employer is paying for you, I charge slightly higher rates to cover extra administration costs. Please enquire for details.


    Notice required to cancel a booked session is seven days.


    I offer daytime (pre-5pm) and evening sessions (5pm to 9pm). I do not work on weekends. My availability can vary - sometimes I operate a waiting list, sometimes I have sessions available straight away.


    Please note, I only work with individual adults (18+), not couples or children.


    Sessions are usually held on a weekly basis, at the same time each week.

  • My location

    My therapy room is located close to Dalston Junction and Haggerston overground stations, and many bus routes (including the 30, 38, 67, 76, 149, 243) with easy access to Stoke Newington, De Beauvoir Town, London Fields, Hoxton, Stamford Hill, Canonbury, Highbury and Islington, Hackney, Homerton, Stratford and the City.


    I regret that this therapy room is not wheelchair accessible, as it is located on the third floor of a building with no lifts.



  • Contact me

    For more information or to book an initial telephone chat or meeting to find out if what I offer would be supportive to you, please fill in your details below, or drop me an email, and I will be in touch.

    450 Kingsland Rd, Dalston, London E8 4AE
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